Laboratoium room used by student Urban and Regional Planning study program.

Urban and Regional Planning Laboratory

Institut Teknologi Kalimantan has 15 laboratories as a means of supporting the success of education, research and community service programs. The existing laboratories are managed and supervised by each study program and department, including the Urban and Regional Planning Study Program Laboratory. Researchers can borrow tools such as GPS/push meter/laser distance measurement in this laboratory. Researchers are required to fill out a tool loan form which is then uploaded online. After getting confirmation of approval via email, researchers can take survey tools by complying with the Covid-19 prevention protocol in the ITK campus environment. One person can only borrow one type of tool, with a maximum length of 4 days (cannot be extended). The following is the flow of equipment borrowing at the Urban and Regional Planning Laboratory:


  1. The survey form is adjusted to the research activities to be carried out.
  2. Loan form (download tool loan form)
  3. Fill in the online form via the link:
  4. For more details, you can read the SOP for Borrowing URP Laboratory Survey Equipment (download the SOP)