Student Credit Unit

Student activities and achievements in non-academic fields get recognition from ITK through the Student Activity and Achievement Credit Unit (SK2PM). The rules regarding SK2PM are contained in ITK Rector Regulation No. 6 of 2020. In general, SK2PM is a unit of activity credit obtained by ITK students after participating in extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are student activities that include character development, reasoning and scholarship, interests and talents, organization and leadership, entrepreneurship, and recognition. Meanwhile, the student activities in question are non-academic activities to develop themselves towards broadening their horizons and increasing intellectuality and personality integrity in achieving higher education goals which include reasoning and science, entrepreneurship, interests and talents, development of student welfare, and community service.
In accordance with ITK's academic regulations, SK2PM is one of the requirements for graduation at the undergraduate stage (S1). To qualify for graduation, students must have a minimum of 1500 SK2PM points obtained from student activities. In addition, the SK2PM scores for undergraduate students are divided into several criteria, namely:

  • Enough, if the student can collect the value of 1500 points.
  • Good enough, if students can score 1501 points up to 2000 points
  • Good, if students can score 2001 points up to 2500 points.
  • Very good, if the student can score more than 2500 points.

This SK2PM regulation was issued with the aim of regulating student activities in improving soft skills through student extracurricular activities. The scope of SK2PM is student activities participated by ITK students divided into six categories of activities, namely:

  • Character development
  • Reasoning and science
  • Interest and talent
  • Organization and leadership
  • Entrepreneurship; and
  • Recognition

The student activities in question can be in the form of activities held at the level of study programs, departments, institutes, regional, national, and international levels. The assessment of SK2PM is regulated in ITK Rector's Regulation No. 6 of 2020. Students can also see the values obtained for each student activity directly on the page in the SK2PM section. Student activities that are entered in SK2PM will be connected to the SKPI which is sorted according to the highest points.